My Mad Fat Weight Loss Journey
" If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great." - Tom Hanks
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Time to mix things up!


I think one of the biggest reasons why I started to lack motivation was because I got bored, bored of the similar workouts, bored of similar food, just totally B-O-R-E-D.
So, I’ve mixed up my workout routine by starting new workout vids that consist a lot more of strength training than cardio, and I’m looking up more experimental recipes for lunch and dinner, and new snack ideas such as smoothies and fruit salads. And as my scales are currently non existent I’ll be taking my results through measurements and how I look/feel…though since I can’t find my measuring tape at the moment I’m planning to take my results this coming Monday in which I’ll also be aiming to do a 2 week binge free challenge just to kick it up a notch!

Things are looking a bit more positive, just need to remember take it one day at a time.

Where has my motivation gone?

This past month I’ve been slacking so incredibly badly, I don’t know why I’ve lost so much motivation, it’s so frustrating; the past week I’ve had an appalling diet and only 2 days of exercise.
Now I’ve come to the end of my 2nd uni year I know I’ll have more time to focus more on me and my health, And the fact that my scales have broken, I’m not sure whether it’s a help of a hindrance at the moment, I need to get back on, but honestly I don’t know how…

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The best support system I’ve ever come across.

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Even though I have a fitblr, I don’t always make the best decisions for my health. I could be fitter. Every meal I eat doesn’t look like the healthy ones I post pictures of. I’m not one of those girls in an impossible-looking yoga pose with a perfect ass on your dash. And that’s okay. I try my best, and it’s comforting to know that it doesn’t matter if I’m losing, gaining, maintaining, running a half marathon or watching mean girls in my bed and downing a bowl (or three) of pasta. I always have the fitblr community to love, support, and help me stay on track. And that’s pretty great; you don’t usually get something like that on the internet. Thanks guys.

Uh oh…

I have just ate half of a giant Millies cookie, you know the one’s that are HUGE and have icing on ? Yeah… I feel sick.


I weighed myself last Monday after a 2 weekends of pizza, cookies, garlic bread and booze. Inevitably I had gained, I shot up to 8st 4, but I’m fine with that! Because today, 2 day’s later I’m down to 8st 2. I’ll weigh myself some time next week and take measurements as well.

Thing is though, when I looked in the mirror on the Monday, belly like a 4 month pregnant woman, I obviously wasn’t feeling my best, but then I looked at my butt and thought….Damn that’s looking good! aha, it gave me a much needed confidence boost! Just thought I’d share that with you :’) 

Fun filled weekends!

So as predicted, these past 2 weekends have been filled with junk food, drinks and a hell of a lot of fun! After not really seeing my friends in the summer I feel it’s just what I needed to kick start my 2nd semester on a positive. 
Now time to rain it in and focus more, back to healthy foods with the ‘bad’ foods I enjoy in moderation.

Just about to do Jillian Micheal’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout then a big breakfast of coconut granola and food! I’ll be weighing my self tomorrow out of curiosity, because I know It’ll also help with keeping me motivated :) 


Instead of weighing  my self every 10 day’s, I plan to just weigh my self when I feel like it, whether that’s after 7 day’s, 10 day’s or 2 weeks. I’m trying more not to rely on what the scale is telling me and more on how I look and feel, this is my way of doing that!

Any who, my results for this week… I have gained 1 or 2lbs, making me around 7st 12 or 13. Because my scales are crap I’m not sure which one it is, and my measurements are still exactly the same, but I’m okay with that, I knew after upping my food intake that I’d most likely gain, hopefully my body will adjust to it. Being back at uni has reminded me of how little I actually go out! and in the first 2 weeks my weekends are fully booked with sleepovers, meeting Friends for drink’s, going clubbing and parties, needless to say I’m excited! but I know it may put a bit of a dent in my progress, but I don’t want to miss out on enjoying myself. I know after the following 2 weeks I’ll be going out significantly less anyway due to starting assignments and stuff…my progress maybe quite stilted this following month, but I’m still going to give it my all during the following weekday’s.

Back to university tomorrow.

Over the xmas/new years holiday I’ve kind’a gotten used to sleeping in late which meant I never really ate as much as I should ( not good ), probably why It took me a while to loose any lbs… But since I start uni tomorrow I’m going to be upping my food intake, having finally lost something, even if it was just 1 pound I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit hesitant about increasing my food intake as I don’t really want to gain weight, but I’ve read a few post’s about eating more and loosing weight and it’s put my mind more at ease, I might gain a little this week, but hopefully it’ll fire up my metabolism a bit more and increase my chances of continuing to loose fat and gain muscle :)

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